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Motivational Speeches, Keynotes, and Leadership Training

Hire Allison to jumpstart your event, your organization, and your life. 

Motivate Your Group with inspirational stories of Authentic Power, Speaking Up, and Leading with the Joy Advantage (Turning Adversity into Advantage).

Topics include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Leadership
  • Classroom Management
  • Empowerment
  • Public Speaking
  • Self-Care, Joy & Mental Wellness

Suggested Titles 

IMPACT Begins with "I" - The Role You Play in Making Your Impact

Let the REAL Leader in You RISE

Unconditional Positive Regard - A Super Power in the Classroom & Life

The 4 Corners of Success: Clarity, Confidence, Connection, and Credibility

The ABCs of Powerful Communication

The Courage to Speak Up and the Courage to Listen

The Joy Advantage 

Additional topics, titles, and customization are available upon request.

Please provide Allison with  key details about your group, your event, interests, and needs.

Allison Francis Barksdale is CEO of RISE LEADERSHIP, LLC. 

Allison  is a Speaker, Coach and Trainer as well as a daughter, sister, mother, and trusted friend.  

Allison is grateful for the lessons she has learned from the many roles she has played in life. 

Being Authentic, Willing to Speak Up, and Believing in the Good are

 Core Values to which she attributes her success.

To learn more about Allison's journey, her passions and experience. 

Click to see her profile on LinkedIn,  the Women's Speaker Bureau and Speakerhub.

Speak Up and Lead! You may RISE higher than you ever aspired.

Allison, CEOLeadership

Motivational Speeches and Leadership Training

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