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Leveraging the Power of Diversity

Help make sure your company a Great Place to Work by leveraging your company's talents and differences. Unlike any other time in history, we have a workforce that is vastly different in age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, ability, etc. 

Rather than simply overlooking these differences or fighting against them, savvy leaders can benefit most from acknowledging them, embracing them, and leveraging them to organization's  collective advantage.  

RISE programs help organizations develop a staff that is: 





RISE Mentoring enables organizations to tap into the depth of tacit knowledge that lies within more experienced staff by pairing them with new staff and rising leaders. The program also includes Reverse Mentoring and Group Mentoring.

Price quote can be provided after a consultation with the approving officer. 

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Speak Up & Lead

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Developing #1 Leadership Skill - Communications

Build Your Team by providing ongoing practice of the #1 Leadership Skill - Communication. Great Leaders are also Great Speakers and the best way to become great at any skill is PRACTICE.

Let RISE Leadership help you establish a Speaking Club that meets bi-weekly at your workplace, where everyone can practice this important art form and differentiator. 

Key areas covered:

  • Speech Craft 
  • Speech Delivery
  • Speech Evaluation

Speaking clubs are a great low cost investment with exponential payoff, helping to catapult all team members to the top.

Price quote can be provided after a consultation with the approving officer. 

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Lift Up Leaders Coaching

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Lifting Up New Leaders & Rising Stars

Bi-weekly or Monthly Mentoring and Coaching in areas of Public Speaking, Life and Leadership available for selected staff. Group training is also included to develop cohorts and collaboration.

Selection of coaching candidates, frequency and duration of coaching sessions, must be approved by the employer.

A price quote will be provided following a consultation with the approving officer and/or executive team. 

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Make sure your workplace is a 

Great Place to Work!

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Build Your Team with RISE Training, Mentoring, and Coaching

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