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  • Get CLEAR on your next Business or Career move.
  • Get the COURAGE & CONFIDENCE to Speak Up and Ask for what you really want.
  • Get CONNECTED & Build CREDIBILITY to get things done.
  • Create a Thriving BUSINESS.
  • Have a Thriving LIFE too!

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  • Ever wonder, "Do I really have what it takes to be a LEADER?"
  • Does the "mean girl" in your head ever scream out, "IMPOSTER!"
  • Or are you just hiding in your comfort zone, WAITING...

Waiting for permission?

Waiting for approval?

Waiting for... the next degree, certification or...?

Bonus Coaching Lesson #1

Stop Waiting!!!

The World is Waiting for You.


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Program Overview

6-week, Online Coaching Program

To take your leadership from

indecisive, inconsistent, and inauthentic to

Confident, Courageous, and Credible.

Available in group or one-on-one coaching format.

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Allison, CEO


Allison Francis Barksdale is the CEO of RISE Leadership, LLC. She is an accomplished leader and public speaker with more than twenty five years of training and professional experience in Leadership Development, Strategic Communications and Business Management. 

Allison is most grateful for the life lessons she has learned from the various roles she has had played. She attributes her core values:

  •  Being Authentic
  • Speaking Up
  • Seeking Advantage even in the Face of Adversity

as the key difference makers in her life. For that reason, Allison encourages all women to Make and IMPACT and RISE.

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RISE Leadership, LLC is a personal and professional development company dedicated to empowering women with IMPACT Coaching and Training.™ We embolden our clients with the mindset, skill-set and support they need to grow as personally and as Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Speakers.

Individual Coaching

Smart, Talented Women who "know"

they are destined for more

will uncover the path to Authentic Power. We strengthen our clients from the inside out so they can Stop Waiting and Lead in Business and in Life with greater Clarity, Confidence, and Credibility. 

Workplace Training

We also provide workplace training and motivation to improve Engagement, Cooperation, and Communication

throughout the organization. 

Diversity is leveraged, not feared.

Our Workplace Programs

  1. RISE Mentoring and Training (Group & Individual)
  2. Speak Up and Lead (Public Speaking Clubs)
  3. Lift Up Leaders Coaching (Individual) 

By promoting a diverse, collaborative workplace founded in authenticity,

We Help

Women and Workplaces RISE!

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